Generic topics list v2a 2018-07-31 RAM

This post is one of a set of posts on the speaker strategy for WCTO 2018 the URLs for which are:

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  1. analytics
  2. APIs
  3. business, freelancing (the business of WP)
  4. community, ecosystem
  5. content strategy, development
  6. CSS (styling, frameworks, preprocessors)
  7. customization, admin/dashboard UI
  8. customization, theme (Customizer)
  9. development, DIY vs professional
  10. design, blog and page layouts
  11. domain names
  12. editor, post and page (authoring, TinyMCE, Gutenberg)
  13. functions, hooks, classes, or methods
  14. Gutenberg and the new user experience
  15. hosting
  16. image use, management, optimization, free vs stock
  17. importing and exporting content
  18. installation (getting started with WP itself)
  19. migration (content, site, plugins)
  20. multisite
  21. navigation (menus, TOCs, categories)
  22. optimization (loading speed, images, measurement)
  23. plugins, sets (basic/minimum, key, most popular)
  24. plugins, best in (allow up to 3 categories to be added)
  25. page builders
  26. pages, standard types (about, contact, testimonials,
  27. security (login, HTTPS, firewalls, plugins, hardening)
  28. SEO and SEM
  29. social media (promotion, engagement) (plugins)
  30. maintenance, site (core, theme and plugin updates, backups,
    subscription services)
  31. tags and categories
  32. templates (customization, custom post type, plugins)
  33. theme selection
  34. theme development
  35. themes types and their use cases (child, starter, basic,
    framework, etc.)
  36. traffic, high traffic tips
  37. trends in WP as a publishing platform, a CMS, SaaS