Survey invitation email v1a issues and questions 2018-08-10

I’ve uploaded the draft text of the survey invite email to the Gdrive share, Survey_email_invitation_text_v1a_RAM_2018-08-10, in a text file to facilitate revisions. To read the HTML version, go to Email invitation text v1a 2018-08-10 | Organizing WPToronto.

There are some issues/questions to resolve in the invitation:

  1. The close date of the survey depends in part on when the invitation is ready to be sent. I’ve provided for 3 weeks assuming we get the invite out by 2018-08-17 Fr.
  2. Can we now refer to the WCTO site and the event date?
  3. The option to complete part of the survey and returned to finish it later depends on which service we use.

In the setting up of each of the mailings:

  1. personalize each invite with the addressee’s name
  2. add the WCTO 2018 logo
  3. provide the unsubscribe option
  4. use a survey specific email address for contact, questions, etc.

In the draft, I used an address I created, Change it if another address is available and more appropriate.

At this time, I envisage one survey for both the Meetup and WC lists. When I finish the survey questions, it may make sense to send a version to each list and thereby get feedback on (say) a generic list versus the other version with single-topics and/or workshop lists.

Robin Macrae
2018-08-10 Fr