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Tell us about yourself

  1. How likely are you to attend the event
    1. granted you don’t yet know the sessions to be
      offered, are you planning or likely to attend a 2018-12-01 event
    2. did you attend any of the following: 2015, 2016,
      2017, 2018
    3. have you attended a WordCamp somewhere other than
      Toronto: other Ontario city, other Canadian city, U.S. city, European city,
      other city
  2. Your level of WordPress experience (rank each on a scale
    of 3)

    1. as a frontend developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
    2. as a backend developer (PHP, JavaScript, SQL,
    3. as a site administrator ()
  3. Which of these categories applies to your work and
    interests (alpha ordered) (deleted)
  4. Which of these do you prefer for networking
    1. in the breaks before and after sessions
    2. the Saturday lunch
    3. the Saturday After Party
  5. Are you interested in being a speaker (add email for
    speaker application specific announcements)?
  6. Would you like to join the event’s announcement
  7. Have you attended a Toronto WordCamp?
  8. If you’re from out of town, would you like to stay at a
  9. Would you be interested in providing overnight
    accommodation to an out of town visitor?

Priorities, preferences, interests

  1. Rank your content priorities in attending (alpha

    1. authoring/publishing
    2. authoring in the Gutenberg era
    3. basics (how to tutorials)
    4. business of WP (development, design, consulting,
    5. digital workplace/business services (adding and/or
    6. GDPR compliance
    7. HTTPS and other techniques to secure a site
    8. ecommerce
    9. marketing (including lead conversion, funnels, A/B
    10. mobile development
    11. SEO developments and techniques
    12. success stories
    13. theme and page builders
    14. web services (REST, etc.)
    15. WordPress changes this year and coming in the next 6
    16. WP developments in the last year
    17. WP core developments
  2. Which of the following topics are of interest to you?

    1. analytics
    2. APIs
    3. business, freelancing (the business of WP)
    4. community, ecosystem
    5. content strategy, development
    6. CSS (styling, frameworks, preprocessors)
    7. customization, admin/dashboard UI
    8. customization, theme (Customizer)
    9. development, DIY vs professional
    10. design, blog and page layouts
    11. domain names
    12. editor, post and page (authoring, TinyMCE, Gutenberg)
    13. functions, hooks, classes, or methods
    14. Gutenberg and the new user experience
    15. hosting
    16. image use, management, optimization, free vs stock
    17. importing and exporting content
    18. installation (getting started with WP itself)
    19. migration (content, site, plugins)
    20. multisite
    21. navigation (menus, TOCs, categories)
    22. optimization (loading speed, images, measurement)
    23. plugins, sets (basic/minimum, key, most popular)
    24. plugins, best in (allow up to 3 categories to be added)
    25. page builders
    26. pages, standard types (about, contact, testimonials,
    27. security (login, HTTPS, firewalls, plugins, hardening)
    28. SEO and SEM
    29. social media (promotion, engagement) (plugins)
    30. maintenance, site (core, theme and plugin updates, backups,
      subscription services)
    31. tags and categories
    32. templates (customization, custom post type, plugins)
    33. theme selection
    34. theme development
    35. themes types and their use cases (child, starter, basic,
      framework, etc.)
    36. traffic, high traffic tips
    37. trends in WP as a publishing platform, a CMS, SaaS
  3. Which of the following topics for hands-on workshops would
    you be interested in attending?

    1. create a custom post type (template) in InVision or Sketch and
    2. design a landing page in a page builder
    3. install a new site (beginner)
    4. create a post in Gutenberg
    5. add privacy (GDPR, plugin)
    6. back up a site (beginner)
    7. use an SEO plugin
    8. promote a post in social media
    9. when and how to use CSS flexbox and grid
    10. when and how to use PWA, AMP


  1. The Happiness Bar provides a free private one-to-one session with a
    developer. Would you like to have a site problem fixed during the event?
  2. How likely is it that you could recommend WordCamp to a
    friend or colleague?

Questions (not part of survey)

Some questions to discuss:

  1. Will we get useful information back from a question whether they
    prefer an in-depth treatment of an important topic or coverage of a broad range
    of topics?
  2. We could split the survey into 2 (like an A/B test) and randomly
    select which a person gets or run one for a period and then switch to the
  3. For a selection of people, we could provide the single-topic
    list’s choices with the option to add one.