Toronto WordCamp 2018 site design

The 2018 Toronto WordCamp site was redesigned with some visual and esthetic touch-ups to facilitate the upcoming WordCamp on December 1st.

The redesign process included:

  1. Theme – we are using the WordCamp-Base theme
  2. Images – use of local urban images of Toronto from unsplash
  3. Colors: A 2 color Gradient color scheme from light blue to purple (#511c59 to #3fc7f2). These colors are also used throughout the site for highlights, hover effects, headings etc…
  4. Typography: use of google sans-serif fonts: Montserrat and Lato
  5. Layout: the homepage facilitates 4 cards for the main call to action. Today we are looking for sponsors, volunteers and completion of the planning survey, down the road these cards will be updated to Schedule, Venue, Speakers, After Party, etc..
  6. Icons: The icon set was taken and forked from the open source WordCamp design kit . This kit is an excellent set of resources for any WordCamp.

Also, signage was created that will be used at the venue to help people get around.

Home Page ‘Hero’ image with the Toronto skyline, overlayed with branded colors

Cards with urban images and icons promoting different areas of the site


Signage for the WP Toronto meetup which will be updated to the WordCamp