Single-topic list v2a 2018-07-11 RAM

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  1. Authoring/Gutenberg (the change and changeover
    mechanics, strategy (incl adoption, customization), custom blocks,
    opportunities/impact on themes, adoption techniques)
  2. Digital workplace/business/transformation or
    digital marketing: what you can do with WP to provide and/or use web services
    for your own business or clients’ marketing, CRM, event management,
    information/data management, project and task management (pick 3 or 4 and
    describe the service provided or received, how implemented, costs,
  3. Ecommerce and competing with Magenta, Shopify
    (comparisons, WooCommerce and other plugins, SEO
    strategies (including local), payments and gateways, success stories)
  4. Mobile-first design and development (why it’s
    important and perhaps crucial, how theme designers address mobile now, the
    changeover options for existing sites, what makes mobile different, native vs
  5. Moving to a more secure world: HTTPS/SSL
    (overview and context, compliance, strategies (absolutism), plugins (there are
    many guides and the challenge is how to deliver the content at the event, not
    the content itself)
  6. SEO/SEM: importance (its role), latest
    developments (the arms race), keywords, what “intent” means, Yoast/AIO plugins,
    analytics, structured data, penalties for insecure sites)
  7. SEO and lead conversion without wrecking your theme and
    : how to select, configure and use banner ads and CTAs, popup or
    slide-in mailing form or special sales offers; chatbots for converting casual
    scanners; push notification; social media icons; related posts and sponsored
    readings; tooltip and popups for getting noticed ads (JS
  8. Theme/page builders (the context (developments
    in the last couple of years), design trends (color palettes, typography,
    animation, sticky elements, mobile first, micro-interactions), design’s
    relevance (who can and should use them), best practices, Gutenberg impact),
    changeover from PHP to JavaScript (JS #4), site,
    page and landing page builders including theme included, addon and slider
    plugins (JS #9)
  9. WP beginners: starting from zero, getting a WP
    site up and running for the new beginner: why WP (set the context); defining
    basic requirements (business, hobby, personal), hosting, 5-minute install,
    theme selection, essential plugins, security, privacy, backup, updates plus a
    start-up checklist, important WP limitations, getting help
  10. WP open to the world: APIs rule, WP’s
    REST APIs (purpose, level of development), headless,
    WP as an app (incl POC, MVP), using WP content in other systems/platforms and
    visa versa (use cases), GraphQL (a competitive spec
    for building and consuming APIs (JS #8))